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Now You Can Purchase My Music Directly From This Site!

It has taken me awhile – okay, a very, very long while – but I have finally enabled music purchasing directly from my website. Orders are still fulfilled by the awesomely incredible CD Baby but they have made it wonderfully easy for artists to do this without you having to leave the cozy confines of my cyber family room. You have the options of downloading individual songs, downloading an entire album, or purchasing a physical CD for albums still availble in that format.(Please note that the music page is not appearing correctly on some mobile devices; I'm working with CD Baby to figure out why.)

As always my music is also available on iTunes and Amazon MP3 as well as a number of other digital vendors.

My Deidre McCalla email list is serviced by MailChimp. If you are a new visitor to my site and would like to be on my email list simply fill out the form below. In case you're wondering, I ask for your zip code so my emails can be regionally specific; no sense clogging the inbox of someone in Alaska about an upcoming show in Florida!

My free download of the month section has been renamed Songshare and when appropriate the page will include interesting observations and trivia about the song and its recording process. Please join the email list if you want to stay informed of the changes.

If you live in the Atlanta area and have ever thought about learning to play guitar or know someone seeking a teacher be aware that I have a very vibrant guitar teaching practice. You can get more information at my teaching website Guitar Lessons South.

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