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Who is CD Baby?

CD Baby is the best thing to happen to independent musicians since, well, since the beginning of time. In the dark ages before the Internet, it was just about impossible for independent musicians to get their wares out into the world on a viable, visible basis. Record stores (remember those?) were only interested in carrying your music if you were with a major record label or a sizable national distributor. If your albums didn’t sell at least 25 units a month, they didn’t even want to talk to you.

Enter the Internet and then, CD Baby. Run by musician, computer guru, and entrepreneur Derek Sivers, CD Baby embraces all and will carry your CD whether you sell one item a year of 100,000. CD Baby has been the portal for independent artists getting their music into iTunes and forty other digital download outlets, and they excel at client and customer service. CD Baby is probably the most ethical and caring business with whom I have ever worked in the music industry. Your credit card information is rock-solid safe with them. Even if you don’t purchase my music from CD Baby, go visit the site anyway - you’re sure to discover a treasure trove of great music there.


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